Welcome to my space on the internet. My idea for this space is for me to be able to express myself. You will find technical articles interspersed with stories about my runs and my life.

I enjoy working with computers and currently, I head the engineering efforts at Logic Soft - a small organization with a large impact. Logic Soft is the only recognized software providers for the Book Trade businesses in India. If you have ever gone to a book store, it is very likely that Logic Soft’s software is running their business behind the scenes. Don’t believe me? Check out our clients.

Here, I am responsible for all key technical decisions in setting the foundation for building the next generation of web and mobile applications. I enjoy building simple and future proof software with a focus on readability and scalability. I strongly believe that new technologies are not the right way to solve problems - simple design is.

I am also tremendously passionate about teaching and mentoring, which I believe is the only real way to affect any kind of change - along with difficult conversations. I fail tremendously at it, but I am confident that in time, I will be able to get better with it.

If I’m not in front of a computer, it is very likely that I will be out on the trails running absurd distances or in the kitchen cooking up one of my many experiments.

To read more about me, check out the About page