Reality, Perspective and.. God

Posted on Aug 8, 2012
💡 This post was written long ago and might not necessarily reflect my thoughts at this time

The title indicates something very spiritual, but trust me its not. I’m not a very spiritual guy and I don’t think I will ever be.

These 3 words have meanings associated with them. But today I’m going to try and side track you away from what you know of reality, from what you know of perspectives and what you believe in of god and give you my take on them.

I’ve lived all my life, confined to my own thoughts, confined to my own notions and believing in what I think is right. That was my reality.

I’ve had my take on everything, anything that can be had a point of view on, i’ve had it. I know it has irritated a lot of people, but that was my perspective

God? I’ve never really bought into the idea of one person up there telling you what you are going to do the next second. I dont buy that you are being controlled.

on 8th July 2012. I saw the single most beautiful thing in this world.

I was close to 7000 feet above sea level while traveling to this place called Nuwara Eliya in the central province of Sri Lanka when it happened.

My reality changed. My perspectives changed. I started to believe in something.

What I saw was nothing very special. Each one of us would have sees it almost every day. But on 8th July, something was different. I will absolutely not be able to pen it down if I tried to. And mind you i’ve tried. This is probably the 5th time I’m rewriting this post just trying to find the right words. But i’ve realized something. Its just *not* possible to describe such a beauty in words.

I might be wrong, but hey, I’m known to give my Point of view on everything, so here it goes : Maybe, just maybe writing was the only form of *art* in the olden times but one single writer ended up in the same predicament that I am in (I’m not an accomplished writer whatsoever, that is not the point I’m trying to get across) right now - The loss of words. And maybe this is precisely the reason why, so many other art forms were born - Painting, Sculpting, Photography.

What is reality, I thought. Is it what I see ? or is it what i *don’t* see ? or is it what i’ve kept myself from seeing ?

on 8th, I saw what seemed all in all real to me. But i’ve seen the same thing so many times in my life.. What was different ? I guess it was because I had let go. I gave in. To what you may ask ? To myself. I stopped looking at reality, and let reality just take me in its arms and show me the way. Maybe this all seems so stupid but people who have experienced this – will agree with me

What is perspective, I thought. Is it what I *want* to see ? or is it just the opposite of it ?

On 8th, I had no perspective. It was raw. I just saw, no point of view, nothing to prove, no one to blame, no one to praise. It was simple and plain raw. That’s what happens when there is no such thing called as perspective. everything is just there. that is the simple truth.

What is god ? is it a person ?

On 8th, I saw god.

On 8th July 2012, I experienced Nature. Even now, as I close my eyes i go back to that road, I go back to that setting, I go back to see god.

God is not a person. He doesn’t judge u. He doesn’t lay down what you need to do. He doesn’t do much. But the 1 thing he does.. he does it with a don.

He just shows us that he is there. Through a lot of means and I believe that it is different for different people. But I see god through Nature . The sheer beauty of it assures me that yes, there is someone up there.

So Reality, Perspective and god were all redefined for me on the 8th of July 2012 – By nature.

Reality for me, now, is…
Perspective for me, now, is…
God for me, now is…

Somehow, no matter how much I think about it. I’m not able to give them apt meanings. Looks like I need to go back to God, to nature.

Maybe there will be a part 2.

Reality, Perception and.. God. I will find your meaning

Because I’ve never seen anything look as beautiful as this: